A calendar is typically geared to a specific audience and/or age group. One geared to children or young adults has quite a different aesthetic than one with a more adult audience in mind.
Fortunately I am able to adapt my style accordingly which is sometimes challenging but always rewarding.

For information on where to buy or for licensing, please contact me at
paulajstudio at

2018 "Stitched" calendar for Lang

2018 "A Stitch in Time" Note Nook for Lang

2018 "Family Plan-It"  for Lang

2017 "Tres Chic" calendar for Lang 

2017 "A Stitch in Time" NoteNook for Lang

2017 "Family Plan-It Plus" for Lang 

2016 "Tres Chic" Calendar for Lang

2015 "Tres Chic" Calendar for Lang

2016 "All Mom's Plan-It" for Avalanche

2016 "A Stitch in Time" Calendar for Lang

2016 "Family Plan-It" for Lang

2015 "Family Plan-It" for Lang

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