Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Goodies for Fall and Winter

Ooooh, I have been waiting with anticipation for these to arrive so I could share them with you, and now they are HERE!

These indoor/outdoor applique flags and pillow wraps are from Custom Decor, one of my favorite clients. They always do beautiful, high quality products and they are a pleasure to work with. 

All flags measure 12" x 18" are double sided and have a sleeve at the top so you can hang it from the metal hangers that you stick in your yard. I don't have a yard so I am going to insert a dowel, attach a ribbon and hang it on the front door.
Bicycle Flag

Bike Bicycle

 This is a detail of the "Thankful for the Beauty" Flag. The stitching actual stitching and the buttons are real. Most of the flowers and leaves are applique.
Halloween FlagHalloween

Detail of Always a Treat flag. I just love all of the stitching!
Santa Flag

Jolly Santa has a burlap beard and real bells sewn onto his hat.

Snowman Flag

This mischievous snowman and his friend have pom-poms on their hats and the light string is all stitched. 
               Snowman flag

This cute I Love Snow flag has a stitched on scarf, pom-poms and real buttons.


I Love Snow door decor.
How cute would this guy be greeting family and friends at your front door? 


I love these Pillow wraps, they have two sets of buttons on the back so they can fit a couple different sizes of pillows. And did I mention that they are indoor/outdoor?





If I found a retailer online I added a link. 
I also have a few in stock, just message me if you are interested.
As always, thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Do you have anything on a site where I can shop..I live your ideas I'm a snowman freak lol...

    1. Thank you so much! Currently I am not sure where most of my items are. It's always a surprise to me when I see them out in "the wild". This pillow wrap was manufactured by a company called Custom Decor and they may have information on their website. Thanks again and I love snowmen too!