Thursday, April 28, 2016

Getting Out of Funkytown and Learning New Things

Musically, Funkytown is a great place to be. Creatively and professionally? not so much

Recently I found myself in the Capitol of Funkytown, I may have even been the mayor for a few months. Things just weren't going well and it was a chore to come into the studio and get to work. I had spent a good amount of time and energy on a couple of projects that didn't pan out financially and I was struggling with some pretty harsh inner voices. 

In a nutshell; I was creatively miserable. 

I made the decision that if I was going to create art for other people and not make any money then I might as well create art just for myself and not make any money. Funny how when you say something like that to yourself, everything changes.
With drama and flourish I announced to the universe "That's it, I am done with licensing" and then I said "Well what are you going to do?" 

There is a lot of talk out there about doing what you love and following your passion. It all sounds nice  but what if you don't know what that is, or rather, what if you THINK you don't know what that is? 

I have long been a follower of Beth Kempton's "Do What You Love for Life" blog. I knew Beth from a  Kelly Rae Roberts e-class and liked her writing style as well as her insightfulness. One morning while wallowing in my misery, an email came through from Beth offering a class called "Do What You Love". Clearly the universe was listening, either that or Beth has really great hearing.
Although I am a person who holds on to my money with a vice like strength (it comes from my grandmother), I asked myself "Am I worth investing in?" I couldn't exactly say no, and I took the plunge.

I am so happy that I did. It changed my perspective on everything, it allowed me to see things that I hadn't seen before and it made me realize that I am in control of this creative ship. It also made me realize that I am doing what I love, it just needed a little tweaking.
In other words, it was a game changer.

Being so impressed with the class, how it was presented and organized and the tools and reference material; I signed up for another of Beth's classes. This one is called "The E-Course Creation Masterclass" and I can't wait to start it. 

I have no idea if I want to create an E-Course but the moral of this story is that you absolutely have to keep learning and challenging yourself creatively and intellectually.
And more can escape Funkytown

and you are welcome for that Funkytown link.

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