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The Story Behind the Art-J. Wecker Frisch

The Story Behind the Art-J. Wecker Frisch

Hello and welcome to the seventh installation of 

If you are new to my blog, The Story Behind the Art will take you on a little journey into the STORY behind a particular piece of art created by one of my talented friends from around the globe. The stories are posted on the first Wednesday of each month.

Many years ago I did a should out on Facebook to illustrators who were attending the Atlanta Gift Show. I was hosting the first of many of these gatherings at my studio/home. As luck would have it, there was a terrible ice storm on the day of the party and quite a few people couldn't make it due to flight delays. Janet and a few other hardy souls, braved the slippery sidewalks and freezing temperatures. We have been friends ever since.
I am a big fan of her Handmaids®  and asked if she would share her story with you. 
Happily, she agreed to!


The Story Behind the Art-J.Wecker Frisch

My first licensing goal, a Lang calendar was realized and launched

to the trade in January. It was Paula Joerling who made the

introduction and the kind gesture to feature the product collection. 

Paula Joerling

Paula Joerling

The group of art chosen by Lang Publishing is a collection from my 
Handmaids® series of creative characters, "She Who Sews". The line
originally designed for high end quilt fabric, offered many
possibilities and images of all sizes. The large patch panels translated
to calendar pages seamlessly. Specs for both are nearly the same. The
many motifs used for coordinates, provided Lang’s in house designers
additional options for the grid page borders.

Paula Joerling

The intent for the artsy girls was to combine an array of artisans 
who would deliver significant positive messaging. The Biblical
spelling Handmaids® was derived from the often referred to ‘hand-made’
term coined in recent years. These deliverers of the good news, as in
much of my work, contain a gentle spiritual influence using decorative
text within the page or patch design. Subtle suggestions of scripture
and sewing ephemera are selected to accompany the illustration or theme
for the group. Sometimes a tiny liberty is taken like a play on words,
as in the title of this collection of sewists.

Paula Joerling

The characters are rendered by hand using ink and then watercolored
after many study sketches are executed and finalized. I attempt to
achieve a modern vintage appearance with a playful yet somewhat serious
style. I also like to come up with a humorous hint of steampunk and elements
of surprise wherever I can. They are then scanned into the computer where
they can be layered and formatted into the desired layout.  

Paula Joerling

The “She Who Sews” calendar for 2017 will be available later this
year wherever Lang products are sold. Happily, I have been invited to
create a second group of creatives for 2018 which, I am having fun
doing now! 

Follow these links to learn more about Janet.

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  1. I always love Lang calendars, The artwork is always worth saving and framing.

  2. Hi Paula - Your first gift show gathering was awesome! It was so fun seeing your studio and meeting Tom and the other artists. Still my favorite trip to Atlanta. Once again, thank you for the opportunity to be featured in your Story Behind the Art posts.

  3. I am thrilled! I have been purchasing Lang Wall Calendars for many years. I have the old wood frame that has moved from home to home and is always filled with a Lang Calendar. I have no reason to do a long search for my 2017 calendar....this will be in TWO rooms this year. My kitchen as always, along with a NEW wall holder for my sewing room, (filling up with your fabric)!

  4. Thanks Paula for such a great spotlight on Janet. I have always loved her art... and perfect for a Lang calendar!