Saturday, February 13, 2016

Handmade Valentine's, Traditional and, well, Otherwise.

Ever since I was a kid, I have enjoyed creating handmade cards and making Valentines has always been my favorite. This year I was a little under the weather so I kept them rather simple and I am really happy with how they turned out.

Using Pinking Shears, I cut some hearts out of vintage french postcards and added a decorative zig zag stitch. 

handmade valentines

I cut a bunch of little petals out of assorted papers and stitched a little button to the center. In photoshop, I made "patches" that said HAPPY, VALENTINE"S, DAY and drew little stitches around them. All of this was glued to the heart. I then glued the heart to a piece of watercolor paper, and then I straight stitched a border around the edge.

handmade valentine's

handmade valentine's
Sweet, cute and classic, right?

Now for the Otherwise.........
While I normally make Valentine's that lean more to the traditional; I really get a kick out of coming up with something in, what I consider, the "otherwise" category.

My friend Bryan and I have a long running joke about clams, so every year I make him a clam themed Valentine. Some years they are cute, some years they are funny but I totally outdid myself last year and made one that was SPECTACULAR (if I do say so myself).
As Bryan is a big fan of Vampire movies, project Clampire was hatched. 

Paula Joerling
 His little mouth opens and closes just enough.

Paula Joerling
After this one, I will never be able to outdo myself.

My Wonder Twin and studio mate, Chad, always gets a Valentine too. His are always an altered and personalized vintage valentine. Hang on, it's about to go south here..........

Paula Joerling
 It all started innocently enough with an organ grinder and his monkey. 
and then it got personal......

One night a bunch of us were sitting around my kitchen table (where all great ideas happen) and we decided that Chad should open a place called "Chad's Nut House". It was the perfect inspiration for last years Valentine. 
Paula Joerling
Again, a cute valentine with a nice sentiment

 and then it got really personal..........

These still make me laugh and I have no idea how I am going to top these this year but I have a plan. Oh you better believe that I have a plan........................

and thanks for reading my blog

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