Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Story Behind the Art-Annie Troe

Hello and welcome to the third installation of 

If you are new to my blog, The Story Behind the Art will take you on a little journey into the STORY behind a particular piece of art created by one of my talented friends from around the globe. The stories are posted on the first Wednesday of each month.

This month's guest is the talented Annie Troe. 
Annie and I connected through social media and I became an instant fan. Besides loving her work, I admire her giving spirit and sense of humor. She may be the nicest person I've never met. I think you will like her too!

Take it away Annie!

The Story Behind the Art - Annie Troe

Wow! I just added it up and I have been a graphic designer for 27+ years! I love it, but it wasn’t my fist love. Graphic design was, all those years ago, the best fit for my creativity. ART has always been my passion! I know many of you can relate :-) I am blessed to have been licensing my art for 3 years now, looking forward to many more!

Paula Joerling

The “Flakey Friends Snowmen” images above are done entirely with a palette knife and acrylic paint. As well as the images below in this post. I do play around with the images in Photoshop as you can see in the product mock ups.

Paula Joerling

Why the heck do I use only a palette knife?! It is SO darn expressive! A palette knife challenges me to get even more creative. It forces me to solve the problem of how am I going to get my painting to look great with such a limited tool. Palette knife painting brings a unique fresh perspective to my art and to the art licensing business which I am passionate about.

How did it get inspired to paint this way? I have been listening to a radio show “Artists Helping Artists” for some time. They offer all kinds of art and business tips. Leslie Saeta (  is the host with many other wonderful co-host artists. She is a palette knife painter and I am a BIG fan of her work! One day I just gave it a try and it was love at first knife stroke.

Paula Joerling

A bit about me. A year ago I signed with Artistic Designs Group They are fantastic! Having an agency represent me and tackle the marketing/business end of selling my art leaves so much more time for my love of creating art. It doesn’t get any better than that!

If you want to learn more about me and the world of art licensing check out my blog: “Art Licensing from my seat on the bus” There are articles showing how I create art, art/legal posts, agent and artist spotlights. The “Useful Stuff” blog page is loaded with links and information.

More art on my website, I create more than just palette knife art: be sure to follow me on social media and say hello. I will follow you back :-)

Paula Joerling

You can also find me on If you happen to be on this site, check out my “2nd Thursdays” group. We get together and chat about the business of art.

Thank you Paula for the opportunity to connect with your readers!, Annie


  1. Great Interview ,great Artist, great Woman (she is really generous and funny) !!! I really admire her "spatula style" so rich in texture !!!

    1. Deborah! I love that you said "spatula" style! Can I quote you, use that phrase in the future? Thank so much for you kind words <3 ~Annie

    2. Thanks for the comment and for taking the time to stop by dedadesign!