Wednesday, October 14, 2015

ArtBiz Jam 3.0

Despite rain and tropical storms, this years ArtBiz Jam was loads of fun. 
It was great seeing the repeat Jammers as well as welcoming the new ones. We talked about art licensing, social media, networking and everything in between. Laura Pagley from C.R.Gibson was there and spent time with each artist looking at their portfolios. Kelly Alford, creator of the Iota Brand, had us all put together books from pages that we painted and then stitched together. 

And we laughed, a lot.

The weather didn't cooperate this year but that just gave us all more studio time and no one seemed to mind that. The rain did clear up long enough so we could get a group shot on the beach.

Special THANKS to Laura and Kelly for being this years speakers.
A big THANKS to all of you for coming!
xo, Paula, Chad, Phyllis and Lori

This years awesome group!

The rain started on the ride down. Fortunately, Chad had these goofy, yellow, allegedly glare reducing glasses in the car so he could navigate us safely from Atlanta to Florida through the torrential rain. I was just happy that it was him driving and not me. 

Everyone painted large sheets of pattern then cut them into smaller pages that were then stitched into books. Everyone was hooked and said that they intended to make more of these.

For some of the pages, we wrote without lifting the pen. It created a beautiful pattern and was more difficult to get the hang of than you would think. 

Again, a big thank you to all of you who attended-
and as Mary Anne would say..........YOU HAVE BEEN JAMMED!

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  1. It was such an inspirational time and talented group!!! I loved meeting our new Jammers and seeing those who keep returning for the ArtBizJam experience!