Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chad and Paula On Tour....again.

Well Chad and I hit the road again Monday; destination Destin, Florida for Art Biz Jam 2015.

We have been polishing our act all year in anticipation for our third ABJ. We are really looking forward to seeing the repeat Jammers and to meeting the new ones.  

In case you aren't familiar with Art Biz Jam it's a workshop put together by Chad Barrett, Lori Siebert, Phyllis Dobbs and myself. We talk about everything from licensing and marketing to social media and how to keep your creative spark alive. And we laugh......a lot. 

Every year we invite new guest speakers and this year we have Laura Pagley and Kelly Alford from CR Gibson.

Art Biz Jam

I will tell you all about it in my blog post on October 14 because right now I have to prepare for the ABJ cocktail party welcoming all of our guests. Chad is in the kitchen yelling at me to uncork some wine!

Oh and don't forget to check in on Wednesday October 7th for 
"The Story Behind the Art" with my guest Robin Davis.

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