Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Manhattan, Harlem, Brooklyn and My Almost New York Makeover

For one reason or another I normally travel to New York several times a year. Sometimes it’s for fun or inspiration but this time I found myself working in the Blue Pheasant booth at the NY Now Show. Friends were launching their third company and needed an extra person so off I went. I scheduled a couple of days on either end for a little wandering.

Side note: I have been traveling all summer and haven’t been able to schedule a haircut. Needless to say, with the NY humidity, my hair was a frizzy rats nest. As I wandered through the city I was thinking how nice it would be if someone would grab me off the street and offer me a makeover. Hold on to that thought.

Subway map in hand I explored Uptown, Downtown and everything in between. I rode the #1 North to South, the L to Brooklyn and the #7 East to West. Throw in the J, the Z or maybe it was the #5 for good measure, and that about covers it.

I hit the beautiful New York Public Library, the charming Bryant Park and marveled at its famous little public bathroom.

My friend Zazel and I hit some of the hot spots of Harlem; St. Nicholas Historic District or Strivers Row, The Apollo and The Cathedral ofSaint John the Divine and had a delicious vegetarian soul food dinner. Zazel has this amazing head of hair that could be interrupted as curly/frizzy and people kept stopping her and complementing her on it.
No one mentioned MY hair.

 The newly opened Seaglass Carousel in Battery Park, the stunning US Customs House, Little Italy and Chinatown were also graced by my presence. I even managed a tour at the Tenement Museum. There was no stopping me.

One day, while running around the Flatiron District, a guy stops me and says, ” Hey pretty lady in the Harry Potter glasses, I work with L'oreal and we are having a promotion, would you like a makeover?” If you recall, I was hoping for this earlier in the post but now that it was happening I wasn’t sure if I was offended or happy that he saw potential. Based on his approach (Harry Potter, really?), over use of Botox and the fact that I was leaving town the next day, I passed. 

Ego in tow I headed to Brooklyn to see my friends Thomas and Hiroshi. We walked around Williamsburg and, that evening, they hosted a lovely birthday dinner in my honor and assured me that I was lovely “as is” but that I probably could use a haircut.

All in all, it was quite the adventure and one of the best trips I have had to New York.
Oh and I am getting a haircut today……..

 Be sure to check back next week for my first installment of
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