Thursday, August 6, 2015

Here, There and Everywhere

It's been quite a summer.

paula joerling

Back in 2010, I took Kelly Rae Roberts e-course, "Flying Lessons". A Facebook page was created for the "Flyers" and in it, I met a very talented artist named Petra Kern who lived in Slovenia.
If I remember correctly, it was her work that first got my attention and I emailed her and told her how much I loved it. Soon after, we began emailing back and forth, which led to Skyping and finally we met in person at Surtex last year.

We became fast friends and a trip to Slovenia was planned.

 My husband and I made the trip to Slovenia in May. Petra and her family took us everywhere and showed us everything (she says there's still more to see but that doesn't seem possible). It was truly beautiful and memorable and I can't wait to go back.
It may have to be a yearly trek.

paula joerling

Shortly after booking the trip to Slovenia my friend Oscar called and asked if we could come to Spain  (Oscar is originally from Barcelona) for a couple of weeks in July. He, his husband Chris and their two kids spend 6 weeks there every summer and they wanted us to join them for part of it. How could we refuse?

Spain was beautiful and I loved seeing all of the Roman ruins. Oscar, Chris and Oscar's family were generous, gracious hosts and tour guides (as well as translators). It was especially nice to spend some downtime with all of them. We had a great time at the beach, ate and drank too much and made a little side trip to Barcelona.

 We flew out of Madrid so that we could spend the day with another friend and artist, Alex Mitchell, who we only knew from email and Facebook.
She met us at the train station and after a few minutes it was as if we had all known each other forever. We spent the day walking around Madrid going to galleries, churches and sightseeing. 
Another great trip to a new city with someone we just met.

All in all I would say this was the best summer ever. My husband and I both love to travel and we certainly got to do that this summer.
To say we feel lucky to have all of these amazing friends in our lives is an understatement.
Thanks all for a wonderful summer!


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