Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Coming Soon! The Story Behind the Art

Something exciting is about to happen here on my blog.

The first Wednesday of the month is about to become host to 
In this monthly feature, some wonderfully talented artists will share their work and inspiration with you.

The Story Behind The Story Behind the Art
My talented husband, Tom Haney (maker of automata) and I live and work out of a pretty great loft space in downtown Atlanta. We each have our own studio and collections of goodies. I share my studio with my nutty, talented sidekick, Chad Barrett, who has been licensing his art since before licensing began.

Because of our location and friendly dispositions, we pretty much have a revolving door of house guests. They are always curious about our eclectic collections of art and ephemera and want to see what each of us is working on. Normally more time is spent in the studio than in the actual house. The most memorable dinner party I had was held in my studio because the AC wasn't working in the house.

The question most often asked about our work is " How did you come up with that?" or " Where did your inspiration come from?"

A little light bulb went off and that got me thinking............
Why not take a little journey into the STORY behind a particular piece of ART with some of my creative friends and colleagues from around the globe?

Each month a different artist will choose a piece of art and share their creative process.
So, if you want to get a "behind the scenes" look intot the creative process and meet some talented people, just subscribe to my blog and join me.

I will be kicking it off with the inspiration behind some of the images that I created for my 2016 Lang "All Mom's Plan-It" calendar.

THE STORY BEHIND THE ART launches September 2.

Lang 2015/2016 "All Mom's Plan-It"

Find out what my inspiration was for this image
 as well as a couple of others.

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