Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ArtBiz Jam Interview with Anne Brown

This weeks ArtBiz Jam interview is with Anne Brown, director of Product Development for Magnet Works and Studio M.

ArtBiz Jam is a kind of non retreat artist retreat taking place in Destin, FL September 18-22, 2013.
You can join Anne, Phyllis Dobbs, Lori Siebert and myself for fun on the beach, a little wine and lots of information about licensing.

We want to keep it small so that some of the discussions can be tailored to your specific needs. Currently there are 4 spots left and registration closes August 10.

For more information go to ArtBizJam.com

Among other things, Anne will be discussing the following topics at ABJ.

Finding Your Creative Spark
Everyone has one but some have yet to define and commit to it. Anne will discuss the importance of identifying your Spark, what ignites it and how to stay true to it.


Share Your Spark
Learn from a Product Developer ! Anne will discuss her perspective of what a product developer wants to see in portfolio presentations and their expectations during development. You will learn how to determine which products best work for your artwork.

Now for the interview!

Why did you want to be involved with ArtBizJam?

When Lori, Paula and Phyllis called me to share their vision for the retreat, I was inspired by their passion and purpose. I was thrilled to be included as a guest teacher.

What will people get out of attending this particular workshop?

I hope the participants walk away with a better sense of their creative purpose and tools to enrich their business and art.

What makes this workshop/retreat special and different from other workshops?

ArtBizJam is a creative renewal that encourages realness, vision and kinship. I love that it was tailor-made for an intimate group of artists who are interested in growing personally and professionally while having a blast doing it!

How do you reconcile your passion of developing product with the business side of art?

My passion and job is developing products with licensed artists and designers. As a Product Developer, it is crucial I am always looking through the lens of my retail customer and end consumer. This means there are times I have to pass on an artist I admire personally because it is not the right fit for my product.

What are you looking forward to fun-wise with ArtBizJam?

I am looking forward to a long weekend of learning, sharing and creativity...on the beach. Our hostesses have taken great care in planning every detail and know this will be a memorable weekend!

We look forward to seeing you at ArtBiz Jam!

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