Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Granville, Ohio and New York City

Well the month of May has come and gone and I managed to be out of town for most of it.
It all started with a trip to Granville, OH for the "Live Your Dream Retreat" with Amy Butler and Hildie Dunn. Although I grew up in Cincinnati and have made numerous trips to Columbus, I had never been to Granville. It's beautiful and you should go (I have a lot of ground to cover here or I would elaborate).

I flew in to Cincinnati where I met up with my pal Lori Siebert. The two of us drove to Granville where we met up with Margo Tantau at Amy Butler's beautiful home for a glass of wine to kick off the weekend together.

In a nutshell, it was a pretty amazing weekend and I have signed up for a session with a life coach (more on that later). The sky's the limit and dreams really do come true and all that (really!).

After being home for two days, I unpacked and repacked and headed to the Surtex show in New York. This time I had my Wonder Twin, Chad Barrett, in tow. Thanks to our multi talented friend, Thomas Dang Vu we have loads of fabulous photos. 

Thomas and me.

 Our friend Robin Davis and her sister Alison were in town from Canada. It was Robin's first time in NY and we had fun showing her a few places that are off the beaten path. We managed to squeeze in some time to walk Surtex and The Stationery Show. All were in agreement that the shows looked great and we enjoyed seeing all of our talented friends.

Friends (not mentioned above) in no particular order: Karen Embry, Sue Zipkin, Gina Putman Wilder, Monica Lee, Hiroshi Tanabe, Fumiaki Odaka

As luck would have it, our friends Ernie Sesskin and Brian Foster from Groundwork were hosting a party in their space at ABC Carpets and Home on Friday night. Naturally, we had to go. Ernie and Brian make beautiful furniture from architectural and industrial salvage and reclaimed wood. The next time you are in New York take a walk up to the second floor of ABC and have a look.

I came home exhausted but inspired, both visually and mentally. My head is spinning with sights, ideas and experiences. These back to back trips made me more aware than ever how fortunate I am to have such funny, creative, talented and goofy friends. I love you all and I couldn't get through this crazy life without you.

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