Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Designing a New Logo; A Story with a Moral.

Do you ever have something that you have to do and you just keep putting it off because you don't think it will go well? Maybe you think it will be hard or in your mind it just has to be perfect and you don't think that will be possible. I wanted to design a new logo/header and kept putting it off-I mean, like, for months.

So many questions were going through my head and if my ears were speakers it would have sounded something like this.

"Will it appropriately represent me, my work? Will it be too colorful? I haven't been using that much bright color lately. Will people like it? Will I like it? How and where do I start? Maybe I should have someone else do it." OY VEY!

Yesterday I decided that it was the day to grab the bull by the horns and JUST DO IT! It went something like this........

I knew that I wanted a cleaner logo with fewer colors and less clutter. The old one was done when I worked in a variety of media. Since then I have been working on honing that in.

Old Logo

The bird was staying, I like the bird and it is on just about every header I have ever made. He is my mascot of sorts. (Hmmmm, he needs a name-I should have a contest).

The signature stayed because, well, it's my signature.

I use variations of the blue pattern as well as the french writing in a lot of my work so I selected those to use as backgrounds. I played around with the color but blue kept coming up so I went with it.

The orange and a branch were added after several emails to my friends, Lori and Robin. Thanks girls!

Before I knew it, it was finished and I kept thinking, what was the big deal?

New Logo

The moral of the story is this. If there is something you have to do and you are dreading it just take a day and say "This is the day". The next thing you know the thing that has been stressing you out and driving you nuts will be over and done with. It's that simple.

Thanks for taking the time to pop in, I really do appreciate it.


  1. LOVE your new logo!! I think I need to consult with those two.

  2. Your logo looks great! Bet that feels good to have it done and behind you. Great job grabbing that bull by the horns.

  3. I like it Paula!

    It is always hard when we design something to represent ourselves.