Sunday, February 10, 2013

Art, Craft and Spark

"How I wished I loved in my heart the art I could love in my mind. Big, bold, epic, symphonic. But I love the small, the miniature, the detailed, the complex, the tiny, boundaried world that has it's sources in handiwork."  Molly Peacock. "The Paper Garden : An Artist Begins Her Life's Work at 72"

Recently I started the book "The Paper Garden : An Artist Begins Her Life's Work at 72" by the poet Molly Peacock and the above quote really hit home. The book is a biography about Mary Delany who begins making botanical, paper collages at the age of 72.

I come from a line of creative and artistic people. There were painters, architects, ceramicists as well as knitters, embroiderers and sewers. My mother was an accomplished painter but could also craft the socks off of anyone. There was no distinction between the two. We were always making something be it a functional item or something just for the pure joy of making it.

Although I went to art school and studied painting and photography and have a genuine appreciation for both I can rarely be seen jumping up and down at a gallery. Show me a little piece of vintage embroidery fashioned into a brooch and it's a different story; I might even hyperventilate.

For the longest time I struggled with how I wanted my work to look and I was all over the board with my style. I did straight watercolor, I worked in collage, I stitched but I kept them all in their own separate compartments. While I loved what I did there was some little spark missing. In the past year or so they are all melting together and it's been pure joy.

Whatever your field-if you are doing something you love but you feel like there's something missing-keep plugging away. It will happen and it's never too late.

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