Friday, January 18, 2013

Atlanta Gift Show

Once again the Atlanta Market has come and gone and boy, was it something. In addition to showing my illustrations to manufacturers during the market I also do showroom display before the show.

Being in the market before the show allowed me  to get a sneak peak at what was going on before everyone showed up and I liked what I saw.
Showrooms were expanding in both size and variety of product and putting more effort and dollars back into display. I have also heard that several were rehiring their production staffs. Seems as though things are on an upswing, at least as far as this industry is concerned.

Gypsy Garden collection by Genevieve Gail for Studio M

And last but not least my studio mate and Wonder Twin, Chad Barrett ended up on the cover of the Carson catalog.

The atmosphere during the show was AMAZING!! Manufacturers, artists and retailers were all in an upbeat mood and just about everyone went home happy. Personally I made some fantastic contacts and reconnected with companies that I have missed working with. The past few days have been spent sending out lots and lots of jpegs to new clients.

Soon I will be posting new spring flags from yours truly.