Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lucky Me

On Friday a package arrived. Although I was expecting it, I had no idea what was inside. When I opened it I found that it contained 7 pairs of beautifully wrapped vintage shoes from my friends Eric Cortina and David. Pretty great you say? Well it gets better. They all seem to have been used at Warner Brothers Studio. Tom seemed a little confused by the whole thing but fortunately my studio mate Chad was here and we were squealing with delight.  We immediately launched into who may have worn them and in what movies they may have appeared. 
They are all tiny (sizes 3 up to a whopping 6.5), beautiful and as far as Chad and I are concerned, packed full of history.

Two pair in satin.

Love the worn toes on these.

 I am drooling.....I wish this pair was my size.

Even the labels are beautiful.

I am totally inspired to re-do the bedroom to suit these lovelies and to start working on a new shoe collection for licensing. At this point I am not sure which one will come first. 

 Thanks Eric and David! xop

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