Thursday, July 26, 2012

Foreign Correspondence

 The first letter is dated 11/13/11 so I guess that's when this all started. Alex Mitchell, a friend from Spain, suggested that we do a little project together. We decided to send some creative letters back and forth. I sent one to her then she added some artistic touches and sent it back to me along with a letter that she started. When I received the two letters I sent them back to her after writing, drawing and stitching on it. She got to keep the one that I started and added more va-va-voom to the one she started and returned it to me. It arrived yesterday and I am so excited to have it hanging in my studio. I have named mine "Our Lady of the Letters".

We had such a great time doing this, there were no rules and no deadlines. My only regret is that I forgot to take photos of my letter to Alex after she worked on it. I just dove right in and painted away.

After posting a couple of photos on Facebook a few other creative women decided to get in on the fun and now there are 5 of us sending letters all over the world.

I better get started!

Original letter "To Alex from Paula". I sent it to Alex and she added to it.

Final letter "To Alex from Paula". I started the letter and sent it to Alex. She added her touches
(no photo, drat) and returned it to me. I added the final embellishments and sent it back to her to keep.

Details from "To Alex from Paula"

Original letter "To Paula from Alex". Alex created this and sent it to me.

I added my touches and returned it to her.

The final letter "To Paula from Alex" that I get to keep-hooray. She has been christenes "Our Lady of the Letters"

 Details "From Alex to Paula" aka "Our Lady of the Letters".

If you thought this was fun take a look at Alex's Exquisite Doodle posts on The Zeek Galleries Art in Communication blog. She made several artist's some fun boxes with a film scroll that we got to doodle on. Mine was "Onion Rain"and you can see it here.

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  1. Fun & interesting I'll bet. This reminds me of a game that my artist niece taught me. Same concept only all drawing with the aim of completing one page of back and forth doodles.