Wednesday, June 20, 2012

10/10/10 Project-Shari Sherman

Today is the halfway mark of the 10/10/10 Project; "10 Women, 10 Businesses, 10 Questions" (Actually, in this case it is the 8/8/8/ Project, a couple of people had schedule conflicts). Each day, for the next 8 or so days, I will be featuring an amazing artist,  and creative spirit who has started and built their business from the bottom up. Each artist will answer the question . . . 

What part of your business have you delegated or put on hold in order to focus your energy more efficiently?

and on the last day of our project, I will share MY answer for the above question with you. Each of the artists involved will be posting answers to the other 7 questions so be sure to visit their blogs as well. I will provide links to their blogs after the answer each day. Have fun!

Introducing the enchanting and colorful, Shari Sherman

Shari Sherman
Name of Business:  Hula Dog Designs by Shari Sherman
Social Media Links:

Years in Business:  Hula Dog Designs by Shari Sherman, was started in 2010.  Prior to that, I created art as Island Girl Studio, LLC since 2004. 

Brief Bio: 
I make Happy Art for Happy People!  I love that thrill of getting an idea and making it come to life.  I love bright colors (especially turquoise!), strong simple lines, and adding words of inspiration to my art.  I like mixed-media because it is limitless, but painting will always be my first love.  My subject matter frequently includes dogs, books, and anything related to the ocean/beach, because that is what I LOVE.  People often smile when they see my art, and I feel like I am doing my part in making the world a happier place! 

QUESTION 6: What part of your business have you delegated or put on hold in order to focus your energy more efficiently?

Although I still do 1 or 2 shows a year, I have essentially put doing outside art festivals on hold, so I can concentrate on the online side of my business more. Art festivals really helped me to become BRAVE about my art, not to mention all the wonderful people I met along the way. There is a camaraderie there, and you can really develop a sense of belonging in the art community. BUT, they are a LOT of work, physical work, and I think I got kinda burned out on it. So, I decided to cut way back on that side and focus more on internet opportunities and the prospects of getting into the world of licensing. 

Shari is currently working on a book project called, The Inklings.  For more information on this and other fun stuff, like her page,  Hula Dog Designs on Facebookor check out her blog, Dashboard Hula.

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