Friday, June 15, 2012

10/10/10 Project Robin Norgren

Today kicks off the start of the 10/10/10 Project; "10 Women, 10 Businesses, 10 Questions" (Actually, in this case it is the 8/8/8/ Project, a couple of people had schedule conflicts). Each day, for the next 8 or so days, I will be featuring an amazing artist,  and creative spirit who has started and built their business from the bottom up. Each artist will answer the question . . . 

What part of your business have you delegated or put on hold in order to focus your energy more efficiently?

and on the last day of our project, I will share MY answer for the above question with you. Each of the artists involved will be posting answers to the other 7 questions so be sure to visit their blogs as well. I will provide links to their blogs after the answer each day. Have fun!

Presenting the multi talented and beautiful Robin Norgren-the brilliant mind who conceived this project. Many thanks Robin!

Robin Norgren
Name of business: Robin Norgren Studios
Social media links:
Years in business: 4 years
Brief Bio:
 I strive to live life to the fullest.  No matter what.  I have grown into myself through my love for Jesus and HIS LOVE FOR ME. Art, motherhood, business, creativity and yoga are the cherished vehicles for this deepening.   Life can beFULL, JUICY, MEANINGFUL, PURPOSE FILLED, LOVELY.  I want to help you come to your fullest life.  I create workbooks, ecourses and workshops that chronicle my change and growth and offer you ways to find out what YOUR FULLEST life will be. 
What part of your business have you delegated or put on hold in order to focus your energy more efficiently?
Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious, Flickr, Pinterest, Google+ and so so many other "connecting" sites.   Does anyone else see how ridiculous it is to think that you can be "authentic" on each AND EVERY one of these sites?  I admit that for a while I would either spend half the day on these sites or use some sort of "sprinkling" method to make sure I get "exposure."  But who are we kidding?  If WE ARE ALL doing that, are we really connecting with anybody?
So I have scaled WAY BACK on my engagement.  I love to blog, so I blog. I connect with interesting people on Twitter so I engage there as well.  Lately I am addicted to YOUTUBE (I know! I am a late adopter) so I have fun over there as well.  But with any engagement – yes EVEN ON Pinterest and Facebook - I am sharing and spreading the word on things I love and align with how I view life and want I want to emulate in the world.  If that means I will never be a success as far as selling a bunch of "my stuff"… well after four years I guess I am good with that.  I do not believe that will be the result though.  I believe that one day I will find those people who find what I am saying or doing as valuable to their lives.
Robin Norgren is currently completing her life coaching certification and would LOVE to offer you a FREE 15 minute mini session – sign up for her mailing list here:

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  1. Dearest sweet Paula, i love this project so much and all the participate in it. :) SO very inspiring and uplifting. Robin is such sweet inspiration and i love reading this so much. Have a lovely meryr happy weekend and love to you!