Friday, January 20, 2012

The Art of Communication-100 Artists Show

This past summer I was asked to be a part of the annual Mary Lou Zeek Gallery 100 Artists Show and auction. This years theme (and show title) is The Art of Communication. Each artist was paired with another artist and each received a piece of paper and an envelope and was asked to write a letter, a sentence or a poem. This "letter" was then sent to the other artist and used as inspiration for a piece of art.

I was honored to be paired with with Christine Alvarado who's beautiful work I have admired for years.
Her letter began with a description of two sisters who were told not to hug so they would grow up to be tough. It ended with the joy of an affectionate son who is a generous hugger. What struck me most about this is that many people do hurtful things that come from a place of love and care. For me, the imagery of this scene was instantaneous; figuring out how to make it a piece of art was not.

I decided to do a shadowbox diorama and depict hearts with sharp needles paired with the "sisters" and a grown woman holding a heart that had lost it's needles.

We all go through difficult periods, have "baggage", trama and heartache but we also have the power to overcome these things and that's what I wanted this piece to narrate.

This years auction proceeds will go toward The Art of Communication Project kits that will be put together by the gallery. The kits will be available to teachers, senior groups, and after school organizations and will echo the same steps that we took to create a piece of art.

The show will be up from February 1- March 3 and I will post a link to the silent auction next week.



  1. what a moving story and project, Paula, beautifully brought to life.

  2. Wonderful project! Your heart shows through! Patsy from