Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Studio Tour with Chad and Paula

About a year ago I got the hair brained scheme to share my studio with my good friend and talented artist Chad Barrett. We are both illustrators represented by Art in Motion who licenses our art for a variety of uses.

It all started when his computer went on the fritz and he had to come here and use my husband Tom's for a week. We both realized that it was really nice to have someone to bounce things off of and that we were both more productive when we were together.

Since I had plenty of room and he was short on space we decided to give working together in my studio a shot. Within a week he was stitching his canvases (my thing) and I was gold leafing like a fool on my illustrations (his thing). It was a match made in heaven and soon we were calling ourselves The Wonder Twins.

Most people who know us can't begin to imagine how the two of us can get anything done in the course of a day but the truth of the matter is that we barely speak. Oh sure there are the occasional bursts of loud singing and sexy dance moves but for the most part we are work, work, working.

It's been a blast, hope you enjoy the tour!
xo, paula (and Chad)

Studio overview looking toward the sewing area from our desks.

Opposite view-from sewing area to desks.

Chad in his area.

Some of Chad's watercolors.

One of my inspiration boards and some of Chad's larger paintings.

Chad's table top.

Chad's corner of stuff.

One of Chad's boards.

My boards.

Sewing area.

Button and ephemera storage.

Trims, fabric and all sorts of goodies.

Some little knitted pieces that I will be doing a little project with.

Colored pencils and stamps on my work table.

Chad's cat, Simon, who likes to come and help out every now and then.


  1. Such fun to see where all of those creative paper dresses and shoes come from! Thanks for the little peek into your studio world.

    Hope to meet you in Atlanta!

  2. OK, I'm one of those who can't picture the two of you getting a lot of work done! Great studio! And a great pair of artists, the Wonder Twins. BTW, I love Chad's cat.

  3. Studio envy at its peak Paula!! I LOVE your space!!

  4. Paula, I had seen your place last year but never got to seee the studio - it is so cool! Especially that you have Chad to share it with -I would love to have an aritst to work with day in and day out- you know - somebody that gets what we do ;-D Look forward to seeing you next week in Atlanta.

  5. I love this space! Such a great feel to it. I think I have space envy!!

  6. Paula, every single inch of your house and studio is wonderful! Your space makes me want to roll my sleeves up and get seriously busy.

  7. STUDIO ENVY is a sin, I must repent. Working in your space would almost be a religious experience to me. I bow to your collective uber creativity......

  8. OMG "sexy dance moves" you are absolutely hysterical. Having had the wonderful opportunity to explore this beautiful studio in person, all I can say is it is one of the coolest studio I've ever seen. It is wonderful how you were able to adopt Chad and his cat. Talk about studio envy, the idea of having a person I could show my artwork to when I get stuck, a girl can dream (and he is cute to) . What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  9. Hi Paula - You already know that I am crazy about your studio. I enjoyed my first visit so much when we met but wonderful to re-visit during this tour hop. I really like the inspiration boards. They are inspiring me to install one ;-) Thanks Paula.

  10. What a fabulous space! The exposed brick...everything! And the story about you and Chad and how you started sharing your space is super!

  11. hey hey Paula (and Chad),
    got room for another artist? A M A Z I N G creative space. Chad the cream on kraft . . .be still my heart. I want one, okay two, pleeeeze.

    simply mahvalus!
    cheers. See you guys next week I hope


  12. What an inspiring place to work. I miss and love working with other like minded souls in the studio and bouncing ideas off one another. I will be moving into a new studio with a Thai artist and designer - not sure how much bouncing we will be doing as my Thai language is pretty bad. Thanks for the visit Paula (and Chad).

  13. Sigh, I love love love your space. I may have mentioned that before. And again. And again. And how awesome to be able to motivate each other, have a second set of eyes when necessary, and mostly stay friends while doing it! You totally are the Wonder Twins.

  14. Paula- what a great studio space! How I love the brick walls and wooden floors, especially! I would absolutely love having a studio partner of my own to make the day more interesting. Does Chad have an artistic brother willing to move to PA? ;) (I can't convince Aaron to do so...)

  15. Paula, I think this is a fantastic idea, sharing a studio with another creative soul. And having the space to make it happen...great!

    If there's one thing I truly lack in my whole area where I live, it's being able to connect with another creative soul who understands and partakes in art licensing. That's why I appreciate our group so much! You're all very far away in body but close in spirit through Artist Friends Who License.

    Great space!!!!