Friday, April 1, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Last week Tom and I drove down to Little Gasparilla Island in Florida to meet our friends Ernie, Brian and Abby for a much needed vacation. The list of reasons why we love going here is a long one, but without a doubt, the flea markets are near the top of the list. We always drive and take the back roads so we don't miss a thing.

Tom in his "hillbilly" get up. The prices are higher if you look like a fancy city person.

This pretty much says it all.

We are pretty sure that someone was living in this "booth".

Interior of the "house booth"

Some goodies that I plan on using in shadow boxes.

I have been using rhinestones and vintage jewelry in some of my new images.

I love this bracelet. It was in a bag of jewelry that I got for $1.00

Tom hit the mother load with this score. That hillbilly outfit paid off.

These shell and stone candle sticks came from a Humane Society garage sale in Florida.
The photos don't do them justice.

Tried but couldn't resist these safety pin and bead baskets

Oh and I bought a bag of scarves and fabric for $1.00. When I had a chance to look through the bag I discovered a Vera Poppy scarf in with the mix-hooray for me!


  1. Oh you did great, all this good loot, and especially the handsome cowboy find up at the top!

  2. Fabulous finds. I think I will definitly wear my yard working clothes the next time I go flea maketing.

  3. Yes, that cowboy was a good find. Good thing I got there early!
    The yard working clothes are a good idea Phyllis-I think prices also go down if you have an unlit cigarette hanging out of your mouth.

  4. Oh you found some really awesome stuff! Gotta love those Florida flea markets. I grew up there so I have seen them too. Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  5. Love Tom's Hillybilly outfit! That's definitely the way to go - oh how I miss the US flea markets- the car boot sales here are not quite the same although I landed myself a gorgeous blue and white platter recently- a good old one for only 15 euro, complete with a couple of staples to hold it together (which I love)
    Love those shell candlesticks you got and those buy a bag - see what you've got - always fun to see what's in the mix- glad you got a holiday at long last!

  6. Dearest sweet Paula, it's wonderful to be back in the swing of things on blogland. These are awesome finds! Flea markets are always such fun! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


  7. the hillbilly outfit idea cracked me up but i'm def going to try it out next time i flea market!!! i so enjoy seeing the things you buy.