Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Love Affair with Buttons

I can almost pinpoint the moment when my love of buttons began. It all started with my great grandmother. She had her own little sewing/TV room and it's where my sister and I would play when we were visiting. The floor was that old linoleum that would crackle when you walked on it. There was a big red rocking chair in the corner, a sewing machine, a black and white television and a closet filled with magical things. She had coloring books, games, dolls and strings and strings of buttons.

I would sit there forever looking at every button. She had a story for most of them and we would discuss our favorites-the image of this is crystal clear. When I got older we would make doll clothes and I would get to snip a special button off of the string to use on a dress or shirt.

Her buttons were passed on to me and I still have them. Some of them have been used in various projects but the most special ones (and our favorites) are stored in a jar. I have added to the collection over the years but my most special favorites are still the same.

Thanks for stopping by!

The favorites. The blue ones are hand painted glass and are about 1/4" The photo doesn't do the pinkish one justice. It's about 100 different colors at a time.

A shoebox lid of assorted white buttons.

My old sewing box from junior high. It contains my grandmother's (I guess it's a family obsession) buttons.

A mix of vintage and new reds.

A box of vintage shell buttons.

Vintage metal buttons. I love the crown Nepaul ones.

My favorite green buttons-I am finding it difficult to use these on something.

These are hand carved.

I love some of the cards that the buttons came on.

Vintage button bracelet.

At 3" I think this is the largest one in the collection.


  1. Love this, Paula! You reminded me of our gold and white striped cookie tin we had growing up. We poured over those in the same way, trying to remember what button went with what coveted sweater, pants, jacket. They weren't nearly as lovely as your collection but I love thinking about that again. Oh, by the way, do you have a 1" orange fabric covered button I can sew on my favorite bright orange jacket? I'm so bummed I haven't found it yet. Thanks for the memories, Paula!

  2. I have a large mason jar full of old buttons. I used some on my new pillows I made. What is it about buttons?? I think they are the jewellry for so many things, they just finish everything off so nicely!

  3. I love buttons too. I had a similar experience to sitting by my grandmas side while she sewed. I think buttons from way back are a work of art. Such a beautiful collection. Mine isn't that big, but I can always be on the hunt for more. lol
    Have a happy week. Theresa

  4. Love,love,love those green buttons!!!! I got my button love from my Grandma(did not know my Great Grandma). I still have two old tins full from her....plus a gazillion that I have collected since.I will send you some fun ones. Lori

  5. Hi Paula - Ooooh, good buttons. I love buttons also. I have them everywhere, jars, tins, drawers, etc. I'm crazy about buttons!

  6. Oh Paula this brought such great memories for me. My mother had a Cigar Can that she stored her button in. I was also obsessed with them. When my mother passed away I got the cigar can and my sister got the buttons. These are wonderful buttons. And thank you for sharing this!

  7. Wonderful images Paula! I have jars of buttons that were my grandmother's and just love the colours and designs. Great post.

  8. Dearest sweet paula, i am a huge fan of collecting buttons too! Your collection are just soo gorgeous and each button is soo beautiful!! YOu inspires me to collect more buttons. :D Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!


  9. loving your blog! i have an ongoing relationship with buttons as well. i have a big box of my maternal grandmother's buttons which i cherish so much!

  10. Nice buttons Paula, and sentiment!