Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gay Birds and Butterflies

The other day I was looking through my stash of vintage scrapbooks and when I came upon this project from Family Circle I almost fell off of my chair. These were the very same ornaments that my mother made for our tree back in the 60's. Every year I get them out and ceremoniously hang them on my tree.

My mom made every decoration that we had in our house no mater what the holiday or event. When the sequins, glue, felt (and on occasion, the plaster of Paris) came out I knew to stand back and watch the magic happen.

If I'm not mistaken, she made all of the different designs. I have the butterfly (with burnt match antenna), the owl and partridge.

It just doesn't get any better than the baby birds in the Brillo Pad nest.

I can remember her drawing out the grid and drawing the pattern to scale.

These are two of the ones that she made. I'm so glad that I still have them. Maybe this week I'll make a few of my own to give as gifts.

Ornament Winner

Donna Perkins won the Cozy Cottage ornament. Congratulations Donna!
Monday there will be a new ornament give away so stay tuned!