Sunday, November 28, 2010

LA Part 2-Fun Stuff

Before our trip to LA we promised each other that we would just relax once we got there. We had both been working like crazy and needed a break. It started out nice and slow but soon shifted into full speed ahead.

Our first stop was The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Two pretty terrific photography exhibits were on display while we were there; Engaged Observers: Documentary Photography Since the Sixties and In Focus:Still Life . Although I consider myself a hack when it comes to photography, it was my major in college. I have always admired documentary photographers for being able to put themselves in uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous situations and at the same time be able to capture a split second that describes what words cannot.

The stunning grounds of the Getty.


Our friends from Atlanta, Nick and Renee, suggested that we visit The Adamson House in Malibu. Renee said it was her absolute favorite thing that she did when she was in LA. That was good enough for us. If you haven't been, you must go, it is pretty darn spectacular.

The home was built on the beach in 1930 and is decked out in Malibu tile. The bathrooms had at least 5 different patterns of tile each and the kitchen was, well, amazing. Like I said-it's a must see.

The front of the house.

A tile on the patio, there were zillions of these covering the outside surfaces.

Stairs to the second floor.

Tile "rug"- love the fringe.

Kitchen (photo courtesy The Adamson House)

Pool stairs.


Jody, another Atlanta friend, suggested Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino. We took about 1000 photos but I thought I would share just a few of our favorites.

This is the faux bois trellis that follows an extensive walkway. It had sustained water damage over the years and was under restoration. The artisan was there making repairs that were going to take several months.
Detail of the original cement work.

In addition to the 120 landscaped acres that are open to the public the gardens also have some pretty interesting displays. I loved the look of these vintage light bulbs.

The Huntington has 14 beautifully themed gardens. We made it to 5 and we were there for several hours. This meticulous pebble "shoreline" led to the pond in the Japanese Garden.

We were told not to miss the Desert Garden and it was indeed a must see. I have never seen such a beautiful display of cactus and succulents-EVER!

On the way out, Tom and I noticed this hedge and we were fascinated. The leaves were so tiny from years and years of pruning that we had to investigate further. It's not like we've never seen pruned shrubbery before but we couldn't stop touching and patting it. Just when I was sure that people were beginning to wonder; several more curious observers also started patting and photographing the shrub.

The little world under the leaves.

Well, that's it for part 2- sorry for going on and on but I really did restrain myself-I promise.
Next up will cover studio tours and our trip to the fabulous Roger's Gardens.


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  2. Thanks for the tour Paula! I love that house and the gardens. Great. It is nice to meet you!

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