Thursday, October 7, 2010

Super Secret Art Club Meeting


The Super Secret Art Club met in my studio this past Tuesday. We caught up with each others creative lives while noshing on homemade scones and jam and drinking lots of coffee.

A couple of weeks ago I caught Traci Bautista on an episode of Canadian HGTV's She's Crafty. Traci was demonstrating her drips and drizzles monotype technique. I was impressed by the seemingly randomness of the technique. It is very much like playing with paint and anything else you can get your hands on and, to a degree, the outcome is relatively out of your hands. It's an exercise that makes you let go and just let it happen. Since we are a pretty anal group when it comes to our work I thought this would be a perfect demo for me to give.

It went something like this (in a nutshell).
Drizzle paint on paper.
Lay another piece of paper on the paint paper and lightly press to make a print.
Repeat a couple of times,
Let dry and add stencils, stamps, draw, paint more whatever.
Cut it up and randomly glue pieces to another piece of paper.
Draw more, add tissue paper or stitch on the final project.

Traci uses hers as journal covers. I think we are going to cut ours apart again and sew them together to make one large piece.

I was going on the memory of a show from two weeks ago so my demo was no where near Traci's but we still had fun and we were happy with our results. Everyone agreed that we should do things like this more often.

Traci's demo isn't online but I think you can purchase a dvd on her website. (I am not being paid to say that). I also couldn't find the HGTV episode online. If you find it please let me know. I would love to see it again.

Pass Around Project

I received three panels held together by chain.
This piece had been worked on by two others before coming to me. My initial reaction was that it was disjointed, too black and that the circles were too harsh.

I sanded away some of the black to reveal some texture and made a stamp that mimicked the pattern in the decoupage circles. Since there was some gold leaf on the piece already I used gold paint and stamped the pattern throughout the piece to break up the black and to soften the circle edges. The same pattern was stamped here and there in black as well. I also added a little blue to the background for more depth and painted the city scene with a light wash of pink and orange to carry that throughout the painting.

This is what I passed on to the next person.

At our next meeting we will reveal all of the projects and have a critique. We will also decide if anything else needs to be done to finish the pieces.
This has been a really great exercise. It's very difficult to work on something that is far far away from what I usually do. For example; I have never picked up a bottle of gold paint in all my years of painting. It has also been a great exercise in restraint. Handing off a piece that isn't "finished" or pretty is tough.
I highly recommend it!


  1. Paula, this sounds like a really fun club! Eveything looks soo inspiring! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  2. I like Tracy's work. Looks like so much fun~ If I see the video around I will get back to you.
    I love the pantaloons you did and posted too! I love what you passed on. Have a wonderful weekend.
    ~All my best,Theresa