Sunday, October 24, 2010

Problem Solving

When my art director emailed and asked for patterned/stitched/fabric pieces for a children's line I was excited. I had a huge stash of unpublished applique pieces and thought how great it would be to wrap them up and send them off without so much as a quick pressing. After more discussion it was determined that there would be problems with the some of the copyrighted patterns (drat!). We weren't sure how to proceed and then I came up with a brilliant (her words not mine) idea. I would paint patterns and stitch them like fabric. It's been a lot of fun creating these and I'm thinking fabric design is next.
I have eight of these lovelies to do so I better get back to work!
Enjoy! xop

I had to brush up on my basic embroidery skills for this image.

The gingham is not copyrighted so I used real fabric. I like the mix.


  1. Hi Paula - Cute patterns! Yes, fabric design IS next. ;-)

  2. Dearest sweet Paila, your patterns are soo adorable!! Im loving your idea of painting patterns and stitch them like fabric!! Oh and im so excited about your fabric design! Oh and your embroidery is gorgeous!! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


  3. I love that you are showing larger pics. It really shows the detail of your work, which is wonderful BTW.

  4. To have seen it in real, i love your work, and it was such an inspiration talking with you!!!!