Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Phone Call

Someone called the other day. I answered the phone and a male voice said "Hello Paula darling, what are you doing?" I replied that I was just saying good bye to our house guests, Zazel and Robert. The voice said "Ok, call me back" and hung up. I have no idea who it was.

Based on the "Paula darling", Tom and I tried in vain to figure out who it could have been. Oscar calls me darling but he has a Spanish accent so it wasn't him, ditto for Jamie but substitute Southern for Spanish. Mark! it must have been Mark. I called Mark and it he said "No, it wasn't me, besides, I call you Miss Jo or sweetie darling". I relayed this to Tom and we started to go through a list of things that my friends call me and that I call them. It brought a smile to my face and, at times, made us both laugh.

Make yourself chuckle and go through your list and please, feel free to post in the comments. I would love to hear your names.

Here are some of mine.

Some oldies......
Punkin', Poopsie (both from my mom)
My neighbors called me Paula Jane (not my middle name) and Poolah.
Cousins Sue and Amy call me Paula Walla.
Gerbil and Jerkling (one of my favs) are names from gradeschool.

Marie, Zipper and PJ are from highschool.

Paula Jo, Miss Jo and P Jo came about when I worked for another Paula J. She didn't like being called old or big (she was neither) Paula so the people I worked with started to call me Paula Jo after Sammy Jo Carrington on Dynasty.
Spock (I'm very logical)

More current.....
Madam P
Miss P

My names for friends.....

I call Oscar Puppy or Perrito.
Bob is Bab
Chad has several names-Chadley Chadlington, Chaddykins, Hunny Bunny and Wonder Twin.
Danielle is Dani
Dawn is Sushi or Lady D
and naturally there are the honey's, sweeties, darlings etc.

We give our friends endearing names that only we call them and they stick.

If I don't recognize a voice I know who's calling by how they address me.

Except for this time. Paula darling was too vague..........

If whoever called is reading this, please call back. I would love to talk to you.



  1. My name is Morgen. My grandma used to call me Morg (sounds like morgue) until I got the guts to ask her to stop. Now she calls me Honey.
    Captain Morgen was high school friends (funnier since I don't drink)
    Mokey is a nickname my sister calls me
    Morganza Extravaganza and Jacque (the shrimp from Finding Nemo) were work nicknames since I was the details person for our events and weddings
    Cupcake, Butterfly, Lovey are nicknames my husband calls me

    I mostly call my kids by nicknames: Monkey butt, Pumpkin, Sweetie, Nut face. Except my middle son has decided he prefers Aquaman and Rockstar as his nicknames.

    That was fun :)

  2. Dearest Paula, this is such a fun post! It made me giggle. My name is jacqueline. My family calls me jack and my work friends call me "jacque". My fiance calls me "liebe" or "hon". My highschool friends used to call me in mandrin "zi ke leng" direct translation to english is "how many zeros". Such fun! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


  3. giggle!! such a cute post paula...i needed a good giggle! my husband calls me schmoop...after that schmoopy seinfeld episode from long ago. so very silly:) i call my son, henry, little lou and baby dog bone. i also like to call my kids sweet potatoes too. then in high school my nickname was mc-gone (instead of McGlon) but we won't go there;) xox...jenn

  4. oh my gosh- this made me laugh. My ex (we are wonderfuls pals still) never called a person child or animal by their given name. They were fanciful and ridiculous and usually stuck! for example my pup's name is is it that we call her Schmuele now ;) Cute place you got here - see you soon.