Monday, June 7, 2010

Flying Lessons:

Kelley Rae Roberts started a 5 week online course, Flying Lessons: Tips + Tricks To Help Your Creative Business Soar. It began May 30th but I was out of town (more on that later in the week) and couldn't start until this morning. So far I'm loving it!
My friend Robin Davis introduced me to Kelly's blog and I was impressed with her willingness to share her story of success as well her contagious enthusiasm about her work.

Even though I am a fairly successful illustrator I have always felt a little artistically congested; like I could or should be exploring more arenas of creativity but wasn't. I decided that this was the summer that I was going to do all (well as many as I possibly could) of the things that I always talked about doing. So far I have done three.

1. Take a workshop.
2. Collaborate with Lori (we had been discussing it for ever).
3. Enroll in Kelly's class.

Three more are happening this week.

1. Every other week I am getting a few friends together for a craft/art night. We will explore different technics and ideas, make stuff and discuss what we're working on.
2. Improve my sewing skills. I am lucky to have Whipstitch Fabric Lounge right up the street from me. They teach classes for all skill levels and have great guest artists.
3. Start journaling.

Also on the list.

1. Start teaching classes.
2. Write books.
3. Start an Etsy shop
4. Inspire and encourage other's to pursue their dreams and figure out what it is that they want to do.
That last one is the toughest but the most important.

In addition to blogging about my general goings on I will keep you updated with my summer of trying new things.

Feel free to hang on and ride the roller coaster with me!


  1. hey paula...i can relate to the creative nose has been plugged for YEARS with no relief in sight...i DID get a chance to paint a chair for the kids educcational center at the kansas city zoo...lots of fun and nice to get away from the 'machine' to figure out how to get more of that fun stuff and make some dough at the same time...

    keep going and ill tag a good waterskier.

    johnny stiff

  2. It sure is a tricky thing to figure out. I want to open an etsy store but I'm not sure what to sell or how to get people to it.
    Please do tag along, it's easier when you know you're not alone!

  3. Hi Paula, I'm in lying lessons and loving it, too. I love your illustrations.

    On my list next is week, I'm working on that. We'll all figure it out together....Shishi

  4. visiting from the art blog hop and it's so nice to 'meet' a creative, kindred spirit! Love your work!