Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Art Club Without a Name

About a year ago my friend Chad (Barrett) and I decided to get together on a regular basis and
compare notes on licensing, networking, painting techniques and maybe even work on a few projects together. We called ourselves "The Super Secret Art Club" because it sounded like a name that two mischievous children would give a club and because it was so stupid. I think we got together twice (for actual club activities) and then we forgot about it. We did enlist each others help in a variety of projects from time to time and would pretend that it counted towards a meeting but deep down we knew that it didn't.

In April I attended Mary Engelbreit's artist workshop and was amazed at how inspiring it was to work in a room with other creative and like minded people. That experience inspired me to take action and fly to Cincinnati to work on a project with Lori Seibert. This was something that we had talked about for some time but never did. That was also a great adventure and I told Lori that when I got home I was going to start a weekly "craft night" or something of the sort. She was jealous (he, he).

Well since this is my "summer of doing things I keep saying I am going to do" I did it.
I emailed Chad (awesome illustrator), Jeanne Flint,(a fabulous maker of jewelry and other things), and my husband Tom (kinetic sculptor extraordinaire). I could have walked in the other room and just told Tom but I felt like the email made it more official. We meet every other week and will add more people as soon as we have a better idea of what we are doing. As soon as we have a name we will have a blog so we can post the goings on, techniques and advice; this is where you come in.

WE NEED A NAME.........
Super Secret Art Club is cute and funny but, ehh.
We all bring different skills to the group that we plan on sharing with each other.
Breaking out of our comfort zones is a goal.
Something like "Mix it Up" is a thought, but again, ehh.

If you have a suggestion please leave it in the comment section. If we use it we'll send you a little something that we all worked on together.