Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring is Here

I am convinced that there is no place more beautiful than Atlanta in the Spring.
Everywhere you look there are trees blooming in every color imaginable. The Wisteria vine, Red Bud trees and Mimosa are my absolute favorites. However, I could do without the pollen that covers everything (inside and out) with a heavy yellow dust.

Marty the squirrel has made a few appearances on the fire escape but not too many. I suspect that he's waiting for me to plant my flower boxes. He seems to have a taste for tender green flower shoots.

Lately I have been painting floral images for Mother's Day and spring products. It's nice to be painting in the season for a change. All I have to do is go outside for inspiration. I've posted a few of the images.

Tomorrow I head to High Point, NC for the furniture show. I will be working with my friends at Oly so come by and say hello if you're attending the show.


  1. I spent a lot of Q.T. with that beehive image. :)


  2. Beautiful work Paula! I love the way the beehive came out - Bravo!!!