Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Name Tag

This weekend I will be attending an artist workshop in St. Louis hosted by Mary Engelbreit, Kathy Curotto and Barbara Martin all of Home Companion fame.
My friend and fellow artist, Lori Seibert will be there so I am especially excited to spend some creative time together. Lori is actually the one who told me about this, thanks Lori!

In addition to getting tools and supplies we were told that we had to make a name tag for the event. Both Lori and I moaned and groaned about this and signed off each email to each other asking "Did you make your name tag yet?"

Why making a name tag filled me with such angst is beyond me. I mean, what's the big deal?, it's a freekin' name tag. Maybe it's because I know I will be surrounded by creative people and their equally creative name tags or because a prize is being awarded for the best name tag. The reality of it is probably closer to the fact that I just didn't feel like thinking about it.

Last night I finally set time aside and got down to it. I really wish that I had taken a before and after shot of the studio. It looked like 1000 name tags had been made but there was only one and I am happy with it.


  1. what? no one told me i had to make a name tag! that is fabu. can't wait to see youuuuu!

  2. Your name tag is a winner - I feel it!

  3. So glad to have this blog address Paula. It was great to meet you at the ME Workshops in St. Louis and funny to keep running into you all over the neighborhood! And then to find out you stayed with a friend was even more amazing...six degrees indeed!