Friday, April 23, 2010

Highpoint Furniture Show

Due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland the show was a little quieter than usual but no less exciting. I worked with my friends at Oly and even though we work really hard setting up the showroom we always manage to have a great time.

The "House Beautiful" party was it's usual spectacular self. Dinner was an assortment of yummy dishes from The Barefoot Contessa and the desserts were divine. Sean McIntyre, from Ironies, and I rustled up several pieces of pie and cake for our table mates. Dean Rhys Mogan from Dean Rhys Morgan, Oscar Yague and Chris Dewitt from Made Goods and Rachel Ashwell from Shabby Chic were a couple of the grateful recipients. When the discussion turned to watches, Sean and I left for the Halo party with slices of Chocolate Cream and Key Lime pie (respectively) in hand.

The photos are of some of my favorite things in the Oly showroom.

Hand carved outdoor bench.

Kiren Chaise and Sussex side chair.

Kiren Chaise

Neptune (I think) table lamp.

Fabian Chandelier.

Jonathan Stacking Coffee Table.

Footed Bark Vase with Fuji mums.


  1. Love the Fabian Chandelier and Footed Bark Vase and of course, would have loved to be there for the good old HB party!!! But most of all I love OLY and so good to see some of their new pieces - one day I'm going to get them over to Ireland!

  2. The new pieces look great and the showroom, as always looks amazing. I miss the trade show gang. Next time you see Oscar please tell him hi for me.