Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New York

New York was chilly but great. The Gift Show was very busy, almost like the old days. I worked with my friend Oscar who makes beautiful mirrors .I was quite pleased to discover that Jeremiah Goodman's prints were in the booth next to us. House Beautiful magazine recently ran a story about Jeremiah's gorgeous illustrations of interiors. His prints and notecards are available from the charming Dean Rhys Morgan who also represents several other marvelous illustrators.
My friend Zazel and I made it to Brooklyn to see Alison Ruzsa, an old friend from Cincinnati. Alison makes beautiful glass paperweights out of her studio at Pier Glass in Red Hook. We had lunch, took the ferry back to Manhattan and headed to MoMA for the Tim Burton show. If you're in or headed to NY this is a must see.
On my last day in town I met another talented friend, Merrie Shinder, for breakfast. She drove me to Long Island City to see where she makes fabulous chandeliers for her company Canopy Designs .
All in all it was a pretty amazing adventure but I am glad to be home. Bon bons, pastries and ice cream paintings are coming up so stay tuned!

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